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Normal Opening Times: Restaurants usually open from 1.30pm (2pm to be safe) to 4.30pm-5pm (although some will go only until 3.30pm). Then they close until 8 or 9 pm. Spanish eat late. Restaurants may close again at around 11-11.30 on weekdays / midnight or 1 am on weekends.

Kitchens will start winding down about an hour or so before the above times, they work when no one else does - generaly during siesta or after normal working hours, they close when everyone else is working.

The opening hours stated by any restaurant normally means the opening hours of the kitchen ; you will be able to stay longer if you are already in. However, we can not vouch that all of the hours on this site are kitchen hours, so it is best to make sure come at least half an hour beforehand.

Tapas Bars

When waiting for the restaurants to open, Spanish take a tapas snack. It's small enough to preserve your appetite for the dinner later, big enough to keep you going for the day. Tapas bars are normally open 10-11am to 11pm-midnight without the siesta, although some will open only in the evening.

General Holidays

Valencian's are religious about August holidays. Some restaurants will close entirely for 2 or 3 weeks in August, and some will also close for the Holy Week (Semana Santa) in April. The dates can vary, however if you have a particular restaurant in mind during August or Semana Santa, it is advisable to check out that they are open.

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